Have a Bike That You Don't Use?

Turn Around Bikes is always accepting bicycle donations in every size, parts, pumps, tools, and anything else bicycle related!  Shoot Jessy Nelson an email or call (970) 518-5989 to schedule a time to stop by and drop off the donation.   Please get in touch first, as we are often in and out of the office and it can be hard to catch us if you just show up.  

  • Gently Used Bicycles

    Gently used bicycles are those ones that you took care of, that were kept in the garage or a storage unit, its those bicycles that you just don't use anymore. 

    These bicycles are the best gift we could possibly receive because we can turn them around quickly, with minimal costs, and give an almost new bicycle to an adult, teen, or child.

  • Overused Bicycles

    Overused bicycles are the ones that sat outside and got rusted, are missing tires, or got hit by a car. Bicycles are also considered overused if it is missing more than one part, has no rear wheel, and/or doesn't have a seat post.

    We still accept some these bicycles, just be aware that depending on the condition and the quality of the salvagable parts, overused bicycles tend to go to the scrap metal yard, instead of into the hands of an applicant. 

  • Parts, Tools, & Bike Pumps

    Refurbishing bicycles costs less than a new bike; but it still takes money.  Depending on the bicycle's condition determines how much it costs to refurbish; however, we estimate that it is on averge about $50 per bicycle. 

    Ways that you can help cut down our costs are by donating frequently used items like: 26 inch rear wheels, 26 inch tubes, 6 and 7 speed freewheels, saddles, handlebar grips, and brake & shifter cables.

    Additionally, we go through pumps like crazy and are always in need of a new set of bicycle tools.

  • Bike Locks, Helmets, and Headlights

    We try our hardest to donate each bicycle with a bike lock, helmet, and if requested, bike lights.

    If you have any of these items that are old but still usable, we would love to have them!  If you're looking for a good gift to Turn Around Bikes, these items are always easy to find, good options!