TAB & Peloton

Supporting Youth Biking

Turn Around Bikes is proud to partner with Peloton-Houston and Peloton-Cherry Creek to bring their members this unique opportunity to support youth biking programs.  Turn Around Bikes is dedicated to donating bicycles to individuals, families, and children to help alleviate the stresses of everyday transportation needs.  We believe that providing bicycles to people who are in crisis improves their ability to be independent, healthy, and productive, while providing an efficient and cost effective means of transportation.  In order to accomplish our mission we do two things.  First, we rely on youth volunteers to fix up gently used bikes to distribute to people in need throughout our community.  We also take donations of new bikes to support our youth bike initiative.  This is where the Peloton community comes in. 

Supporting our youth bike initiative is a simple process:

1. See the links below for the most commonly needed bikes and accessories.

2. Purchase one of those bikes or a similar new bike or helmet and lock.

3. Have the bike shipped to Turn Around Bikes 134 11th Ave Greeley, CO 80634 or the Cherry Creek Store in Denver.

4. Email Megan Packard, Director of Turn Around Bikes at [email protected] to let her know that a bike is coming.

5. Sign up for our newsletter by sending an email to [email protected] or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the impact of your gift.  

Thank you so much for supporting our program.  The Peloton community truly is one of a kind.

Bike Options:

Girls 24"

Girls 20"

Boys 24"

Boys 20"

Helmet and Lock Options:

Helmet (any color)

Lock (any color)