Greeley Wheelie! Turn Around Bikes's Annual Fundraiser

2017 Greeley Wheelie 

We had an amazing Greeley Wheelie this year!  We tried something a little different.  We hosted a radio hour with Union Colony Radio Hour Show.  They produced a show all about bicycles!  After the show and silent auction of bicycle art, we watched our youth who work with us compete in a BMX competition.  It was a fabulous night with a great turn out. 

Thanks Union Colony Radio Hour for helping support our 2nd Annual Greeley Wheelie!  


2016 Greeley Wheelie

Thank you for all of your support and contributions, we raised nearly $3,000 and had over 50 people in attendance! It was a great event, and we had a ton of fun.

A special thank you to our biggest supporter in this: WeldWerks, who has been just absolutely wonderful to partner with throughout the last few years.  Additionally, thank you to all of the businesses who donated items for food and for the silent auction, all the volunteers who helped make the event great, and the Fundraising Committee who really put it all together! Thank You!!