Weekly Workshop

Every week, Turn Around Bikes hosts a Bike Repair & Maintenance Workshop at our shop located at 134 11th Ave.  During the workshop we work on bicycles that we will refurbish and donate to members of the community who need reliable transportation.  Workshop is free and open to anyone ages 11 - 18 years old.  People over 18 years old must agree to a background check, pay $20 to run the background check, and must get in touch with Megan Packard ([email protected]) or Jessy Nelson ([email protected]).

Starts at 7 PM, wrench until 8 PM, then an optional hour (until 9 PM) to BMX in The Refuge, hang out, or head home.

ATTENTION: Currently, we host workshops on Monday and Thursday nights (weather pending), the best way to find out if it is happening is to look on social media or sign up by texting (970) 518-5989 your name and your interest in being added to the volunteer list

Updates to the Schedule

The best way to find out about any update is to: